Speeding has become Hertfordshire police's new priority in St Albans, replacing purse dippings which have "decreased significantly".

The A1081 Harpenden Road, Beaumont Avenue, Cell Barnes Lane, St Albans Road, Beaconsfield Road and King Harry Lane will be focussed on, following feedback from the community.

Purse dippings have dropped following the Constabulary's "Operation Keepsake", in which officers spotted and arrested people for thefts or distracting people outside cash machines.

Police will continue to focus on begging, street drinking and anti-social behaviour in both the city centre and the Alban Way.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: "To address the begging and street drinking, neighbourhood officers regularly patrol the rose gardens and St Peter’s Street with colleagues from intervention to deter street drinking, begging and ASB (anti-social behaviour).

"They have seized dozens of bottles of alcohol which were being consumed in breach of the designated Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

"We have also removed people who were drunk or disorderly from licenced premises and continue to work with St Albans City & District Council and night shelters to support those wanting help with their addictions.


"The other neighbourhood priority to remain is tackling anti-social behaviour, moped use and crime on the Alban Way.

"The team has been carrying out regular proactive patrols from Sopwell to Clarence wards with Operation Scorpion colleagues."

In Harpenden, the priorities of speeding, thefts from motor vehicles and ASB in local parks remain in place.