13 drivers have been caught breaking the speed limit on a single day in St Albans.

On Thursday, March 30, officers from Hertfordshire police conducted a 'Speed Enforcement Patrol' on King Harry Lane, near Verulamium Park.

A total of 317 vehicles were monitored on the day, with 13 to be dealt with for speeding offences.


Of those 13, Hertfordshire police have confirmed that two were travelling above 40 miles per hour - one at 42mph and one at 45mph.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Constabulary said at the time: "Police conducted Speed Enforcement patrol today on the King Harry Lane, St Albans.

"Of the 317 vehicles monitored, 13 will be dealt with for speeding offences.

"Please continue to obey the speed limit and respect other roads users and help us to keep our roads safe."


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Hertfordshire police have since confirmed that the speed monitoring exercise was for educational purposes.

As a result, each offender received a letter, following the operation.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire police told The Herts Advertiser: "Of the 13, two were travelling in excess of 40 mph (one at 42 mph and the other at 45 mph).

"The speed monitoring exercise taking place by the Safer Neighbourhood Team on that day was for educational purposes and each offender received an appropriate letter."