'I want to be World Champion' is the message from St Albans boxer Christian Fetti, who has recently received his professional licence.

The 21-year-old follows in the footsteps of the city's great Sean Murphy and his son Danny in taking part in the sport for a living.

Christian, who originates from Finchley, will compete as a super featherweight after undergoing a training camp and having his first opponent selected.

The Herts Advertiser sat down with the boxer and his father Stuart, to reflect on his career so far.

Herts Advertiser: Christian comes from a family with a strong background in amateur boxing. Christian comes from a family with a strong background in amateur boxing. (Image: Supplied by Stuary Fetti)

Christian began: "My family all love boxing, my grandad loves boxing.

"There were always pictures up in the house, Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston - obviously that's the main one.

"I'd always watch it with him as a kid, with my dad it's the same thing.

Herts Advertiser: Christian Fetti sparring with two-time world featherweight champion Leigh Wood.Christian Fetti sparring with two-time world featherweight champion Leigh Wood. (Image: Supplied by Stuart Fetti)

"Obviously, with the big fights everyone is excited for it. You'd walk in and everyone is talking about it, so it was such a big part of growing up.

"I got into it when I turned about 12. I went down to the boxing club and fell in love with it ever since."

Speaking of the moment when he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in boxing, Christian continued: "I knew about two years in, 'I'm going to be a pro boxer', and I just stuck with it...

Herts Advertiser: Christian with Nigel Benn after training.Christian with Nigel Benn after training. (Image: Supplied by Stuart Fetti)

"... As your body starts to change a lot and you start to develop, it's about whether you can get hit and whether you can take a punch.

"Like Rocky says, 'it's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you get hit and keep going'.

"As you get to 17, 18, and your body is changing, you work out whether the boxing game is for you or not.

Herts Advertiser: Christian sparring with Conor Benn.Christian sparring with Conor Benn. (Image: Supplied by Stuart Fetti)

"Luckily for me, I've realised it was and I went full go mode."

Alongside a career in amateur boxing, Christian worked for his father in property maintenance.

With his sights now firmly set on the professional game, he has started to train with some of his idols in the sport.

Christian continued: "Obviously Joe Cordina and Conor Benn (are people that I look up to).

Herts Advertiser: Christian after sparring with Joe Cordina.Christian after sparring with Joe Cordina. (Image: Supplied by Stuart Fetti)

"They're close contacts as well, I go down to their gym and watch them quite a lot.

"The first time I walked in, I was almost starstruck! The Matchroom boxing gym, there's nowhere like it.

"You walk in and there's just world champions all over the place.

Herts Advertiser: Christian Fetti training to be punched.Christian Fetti training to be punched. (Image: Supplied by Stuart Fetti)

"Just to put it simply, Tony Sims - in my opinion one of the best trainers in the country - him talking to you and giving you advice, obviously you take that in massively."

Prior to sparring with the elite, Christian attended St Albans & London Colney ABC, and remains thankful for the guidance that the club provided.


Christian's dad Stuart added: "There's a really good amateur pedigree there, really good coaches, we owe a lot to St Albans amateur club.

"It's all volunteers and they really put a lot of work in."