Water waste as leak remains unplugged in Holywell Hill

HOLYWELL Hill has its very own water feature, courtesy of a leak first reported over 18 months ago.

Water has been collecting in a large pothole near the junction of Holywell Hill with London Road in St Albans and flowing down the hill.

Local architect Tony Statham first reported the leak over 18 months ago to Veolia Water (then Three Valleys Water) and yet the leak continues to prove a problem.

He explained: “There has been a bad water leak under Holywell Hill since at least October 2008 which is when I first reported it.

“The response since then is to continually fill the hole where the water surfaces. The hole then reappears.”

Veolia Water spokesperson Sue Pavey said: “The source of this particular leak is proving difficult to locate and will require traffic management to enable us to investigate further.

“We are working closely with Hertfordshire Highways to arrange a convenient start date to ensure that businesses and residents experience the least disruption possible.”

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Mr Statham responded: “They are just putting it off, but something will have to be done soon. The traffic won’t suddenly ease and the leak won’t stop on its own.

“If it were a customer with a leak Veolia would be very strict. But when it is their own leak, their rules and regulations go out of the window.”

Hertfordshire Highways have repeatedly filled the hole but the Tarmac disappears into the void beneath the road or is washed down the road. Mr Statham added: “I am concerned there is a nasty void under the road waiting to cause a road surface collapse.”

The firm Mr Statham works for is located on Holywell Hill and they have experienced problems with water supply and low pressure since they first noticed the leak in October 2008.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Highways said they are aware of the problem and have been making repairs on a regular basis. “We have been in recent discussion with Veolia to get to the heart of the problem. We hope the situation is resolved soon so we do not have to keep going out to make repairs.”