Senior politicians from the main parties will take part in a UK-wide general election debate today (June 18), hosted by Channel 4.

The event will last 90 minutes and it’s set to take place in Colchester with a live studio audience.

The extended Channel 4 News special, The UK Decides: Immigration, Law and Order, will be presented by Krishnan Guru-Murphy.

Who will take part in the Channel 4 debate?

The following politicians will take part in the debate:

  • Chris Philp (Home Office Minister, CON)
  • Nick Thomas-Symonds (Shadow Cabinet Minister, LAB)
  • Daisy Cooper (Deputy Party Leader, LIB DEM)
  • Carla Denyer (Co-Party Leader, GREEN)
  • Richard Tice (Chairman, REFORM UK)
  • Keith Brown (Deputy Party Leader, SNP)
  • Rhun ap Iorwerth (Party Leader, PLAID CYMRU)

Viewers can expect the format to have set topics with challenges between representatives allowed and audience questions during the debate.

Channel 4 News’ FactCheck service will provide live analysis of claims made by politicians.

General Election: Key questions

Launched in 2005, this is the fifth election supported by the agenda-setting data journalism unit.

The programme has partnered with Savanta, commissioning exclusive data around the themes of immigration, law and order which will be released ahead of the debate.

The event is part of Channel 4 News’ The UK Decides strand, taking live debate out of London and following politicians across the campaign trail. 

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Leading up to polling day, the double BAFTA and RTS winning news programme will be across the four nations in the next two weeks with special programming featuring its full presenting team.

How to watch the Channel 4 News debate

If you’d like to tune in and watch the debate live, here’s how you can.

The debate will begin at 6.30pm and finish at 8pm on Channel 4 tonight.