With a General Election only three weeks away, many across the UK will be looking to make sure they have everything they need before heading to the polls.

With the election taking place in July, a lot of voters will have summer holidays booked and be interested in registering for a postal vote.

If you're looking to vote via post or are helping somebody else do this, here is everything you need to know.

What is a postal vote?

Herts Advertiser: Postal votes allow applicants to vote from homePostal votes allow applicants to vote from home (Image: PA)

A postal vote is a type of ballot that allows applicants to vote from their homes ahead of polling day. This is then posted back and counted.

According to the UK Government website, you are allowed to apply for a postal vote for the following electoral events:

  • General elections and other UK Parliamentary elections
  • Local elections in England (including mayors)
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales
  • Referendums
  • MP recall petitions

How to register for a postal vote in the UK

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To register for a postal vote ahead of the General Election, you should visit the UK Government website where you will see a large 'Start Now' button.

It states that before applying, you will need the following:

  • The address where you are registered to vote
  • Your National Insurance number or other identity documents, for example, a passport
  • The specific date of the election or referendum you want to make a postal vote, if you only want a one-off postal vote

You will also need to upload a photograph of your handwritten signature in black ink.

If you cannot provide a signature, you may be able to apply for a postal vote signature waiver within the service.

You may also be asked for further documentation to prove your identity.

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What is the deadline for a postal vote ahead of the 2024 General Election?

According to the Electoral Commission, the deadline to register for a postal vote at the upcoming General Election is Wednesday, June 19.

The organisation adds: "You must also be registered to vote by 11:59pm on Tuesday 18 June."