More than 100 people have signed a petition calling for the county council to improve bus services to a newly-built housing estate on the edge of Radlett.

The Harperbury Park Development, on Harper Lane, consists of just over 200 new homes.

But – according to an e-petition started by resident Ghazaleh Pourmahram – the development is “isolated” from local amenities.

And, it says, there is not a bus stop to serve the development or Kingsley Green Hospital.

According to the petition many of the residents need to commute to work, to school and to the railway stations in Radlett and Borehamwood.

It does acknowledge the “Bloor Homes temporary minibus service” – which it says is “infrequent” and operates only between 7am and 7pm and not on Sundays.

Campaigners say the hours are not suited to commuting or going to school and that the minibus service is not suitable for wheelchair access or for prams.

Instead it calls for a new bus stop to be added at the Harperbury Park Development for the 601 and 602 services, and for improvements to the timetable of the minibus service “to ensure it meets the needs of those who want to use it”.

“We each have our own stories as to how the lack of public transport is affecting our lives,” says the petition.

“For example, there are residents left isolated as they cannot travel anywhere, those whom have to walk to and from Radlett station even in the dark and winter months because their work hours mean they miss the Bloor Homes bus, there are children whom are unable to travel to and from school by public transport.

“Parents who need childcare to be able to go collect their loved one daily from Radlett train station at times which affects their child’s sleep.

“This is inconvenient and disappointing.”

According to the petition the addition of a bus stop for the 601 and 602 services would improve access for those residents who do not drive or own a vehicle.

The petition highlights the impact this would have on CO2 emissions – by reducing the number of vehicles making short journeys.

It also suggests it would lower the risk of accidents on the development, where it says the two-way streets are “not wide enough for so many NHS staff cars”.

“Our streets are simply not suited for so much traffic,” it states.

“We have already had a few accidents recorded on Heathway with injuries to drivers.”

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Commenting on the ongoing petition, a spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We welcome the views of our residents and petitions are one way that people can get in touch.

“If the petition receives enough signatures from people who live or work in Hertfordshire and fulfils the necessary policy criteria, it will be considered by the appropriate council panel.”

The e-petition is due to run until September 4 – and can be found on the county council’s website,