The boss of Timpson has taken to social media to ask for business advice, after revealing his new watch repair store in St Albans took "no money" earlier this week.

James Timpson, who is the chief executive of the Timpson group, posted on X in a bid for help after the new Watch Lab store in The Maltings Shopping Centre didn't make a single penny on Monday.

"I’m after some advice," James said.

"We opened a new Watch Lab shop in St Albans a few weeks ago and it’s not doing as well as I’d hoped. In fact, yesterday it took no money at all.

"We have added a simple sign in the window saying 'watch repairs', but do you have any other ideas?!"

X users were quick to offer their support, with some suggesting a change in branding was needed as it looked "like a vape shop".

"I must say the branding makes it look a lot like a vape shop," one user said.

"At first glance it looks like a vape shop. I would update the black and neon green, which are quite aggressive colours, with something softer," said another.

Another suggested repairing something entirely different, saying: "Do smart phone screen repairs too. Few people get watches repaired apart from the odd new strap or battery, and they last longer than they used to."

Plenty suggested that Timpson's branding was needed, with one user saying: "It looks like all those dodgy non-shops that are everywhere now. Get the Timpson name on it."

"I think you need to drop the modern branding and reflect the prestige of the brands your repair. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my Tag somewhere that looked like that," one user commented.