Businesses in St Albans have been having their say after a new edition of Monopoly, focussed on the city, was confirmed.

The announcement came at 00.01am this morning (Tuesday, February 27), with a launch event taking place at St Albans Cathedral at 10am.

St Albans residents have been invited to suggest landmarks for use in the game, and the language used on Community Chest and Chance cards.

The final game will be released in October, with a number of the city's businesses excited at the potential to be included.

Herts Advertiser: Bethany Nicolson celebrating 10 years of The Odyssey cinema.Bethany Nicolson celebrating 10 years of The Odyssey cinema. (Image: The Odyssey)

Bethany Nicolson, front of house manager at The Odyssey, spoke of what it would mean for the cinema to be included: "It would be amazing.

"Particularly being one of the first picture houses in Hertfordshire, there's a lot of history that people don't realise.

"I do feel like The Odyssey is like no other, not many people have an independent cinema any more." 

Remarking on the landmarks which should be included, Bethany joked: "The Odyssey obviously should be number one! 

Herts Advertiser: The Odyssey cinema, on its 8th anniversary.The Odyssey cinema, on its 8th anniversary. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"For me the gasworks which is now the Aldi, down at the retail park, was a really big one. 

"Verulamium Park as well - my great great grandfather came down looking for work and settled in St Albans because he ended up digging the lakes, so that is a big part of history to include."

On the city receiving its own edition, she added: "I think its really lovely! St Albans has a rich history, and a lot of different landmarks that most people don't know about.

"We're just north of London, on the outskirts, but people don't necessarily venture this far and I think its nice to highlight.

"What a great way to bring St Albans to people's attention, and what a fun way to do it as well.

"Everybody loves Monopoly!"

Herts Advertiser: Shane Cody, co-director of Tomoka Spirits in Christopher Place.Shane Cody, co-director of Tomoka Spirits in Christopher Place. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Elsewhere, co-director of Christopher Place's Tomoka Spirits, Shane Cody, said: "It's interesting, I wouldn't say I'm overly excited. There's a little bit (of excitement) because its your local city.

"The St Albans one might be a bit different, so it would be worth picking that one up, more for nostalgia.

Herts Advertiser: Shane Cody would like to see St Albans' Roman heritage included.Shane Cody would like to see St Albans' Roman heritage included. (Image: Archant)

"It would be interesting to know whether they will keep it as modern St Albans, or cross over into the history of the Roman side.

"My thinking would be that you'd like to have some Roman heritage in there, because they can get loads of information from the museum.

Herts Advertiser: Tomoka Spirits is located within Christopher Place, St Albans.Tomoka Spirits is located within Christopher Place, St Albans. (Image: Google Maps)

"There's also loads of things that are no longer here that people remember in the city, like Woolworths, Wimpy just behind here as well.

"For transport, I don't know what you'd have, you've got the taxi rank in the middle of town.

"You've got the original Roman road, it all depends on how they will map out the board."

Caroline, who works at bathroom store TinkleTorium on George Street, described her excitement at the news.

"It's fun, its a fun thing. Everybody seems to know the city, and I think its a good idea."

Giving her thoughts on what should be included in the board, the 44-year-old continued: "Obviously, the cathedral, St Albans is known for its pubs as well.

Herts Advertiser: An official announcement took place outside the cathedral this morning.An official announcement took place outside the cathedral this morning. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"I don't know if any of the pubs that have been around for decades and decades would be included, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks for example.

"There will be some businesses that could do quite well with it, something like the George Street Canteen they might include, or even Dylans."


Lastly, Annie, an operations manager at Trinder on George Street, described the launch as "exciting", "intriguing" and "lovely to share with children".

The 48-year-old gave the cathedral, clock tower, St Albans Museum & Gallery, Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, George Street and the Alban Arena as examples of landmarks that she believes should be included.

Suggestions for the final board can be made by emailing or by visiting the official Monopoly: St Albans Edition Facebook page.