Described as "an inspiration to us all", a happily married couple are celebrating 50 years since their wedding at St Peter's Church.

Now living in Spain, Pablo and Lesley are set to return to the city to mark the anniversary on Friday, February 9.

Describing how her parent's met, Pablo and Lesley's daughter Sonia Ward said: "My mother was on holiday in Menorca (where my dad is from) with her parents and my father worked in the reception of the hotel.

"It was my mother’s birthday, so he said that its tradition in Spain to take a girl out on their birthday so they went out on a date.

Herts Advertiser: Pablo and Lesley as babies.Pablo and Lesley as babies. (Image: Supplied by Sonia Ward)

"My mother returned to St Albans and they wrote to each other until they met again, and then they ended up living in Menorca where their first child was born (me, Sonia)

"From Menorca, my father, mother and I moved to Madrid, and then Mallorca, with my father’s job in Aviation.

"It’s were they are still are (Mallorca), after four years there my brother Dani was born."

Herts Advertiser: Pablo and Lesley as children.Pablo and Lesley as children. (Image: Supplied by Sonia Ward)

Pablo and Lesley now have four grandchildren, aged 13, 12, 9 and 7.

Speaking of her parents return to St Albans, Sonia continued: "I just would like to wish our parents, Nanny and Tito a very happy 50th anniversary.

"Thank you for being the best parents, best friends and best grandparents that anyone could wish for.

Herts Advertiser: Pablo was working in the hotel where Lesley went on holiday.Pablo was working in the hotel where Lesley went on holiday. (Image: Supplied by Sonia Ward)

"I love to watch you every evening whilst you are sitting on the sofa and daddy still rubs your feet and touches your hair – even if you have driven each other mad all day.


"Your love and commitment to each other is an inspiration to us all. May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.” 

Sonia also added: "Few couples these days that make it to 50 years married.

Herts Advertiser: Lesley with his grandchildren.Lesley with his grandchildren. (Image: Supplied by Sonia Ward)

"(Although) I'm sure if mum found a billionaire she would be with him and my father wouldn't miss the nagging!"