A St Albans author is publishing her debut psychological thriller, exploring the lengths an out-of-work actress will go to for success.

Someone Like You by Becky Alexander, which comes out on Wednesday, January 10, tells the story of RADA-trained Jemima Evans, who is offered a casting opportunity with extremely influential executive producer Rebecca Sheridan.

Herts Advertiser: 'Someone Like You' by Becky Alexander'Someone Like You' by Becky Alexander (Image: Storm Publishing)

The novel takes the reader to some of the most glamorous acting venues in the world, including The Minack, The National Theatre, Soho and Broadway.

Becky said: "I have always loved going to the theatre. Sitting there, in the audience, you get to escape from the real world for a couple of hours, and to experience other people’s amazing creativity and storytelling.

"I was curious to get inside the mind of an actor, and to explore why someone might want to be on the stage.

"Because it’s fun and makes them feel alive? To bring people together, to share stories, and bring joy? Or is there a deeper need, perhaps to be admired, become famous?

"I enjoyed creating Jemima, and putting her into this high-pressure world."

To help Becky with her research for the novel, St Albans-based theatre company OVO allowed her to watch a rehearsal for Macbeth - although she clarified her characters are not based on any real St Albans actors.

She also spoke to former St Albans resident and retired police officer Dave Baker for an insight into the London police world.

Becky said: "Readers who love thriller and pysch novels expect a lot of action and twists and turns, so it can be hard to do that, and keep it realistic too.


"For me, I wanted the characters to be authentic, and show what might drive them to act like they do.

"Thankfully, the acting world is known for its drama so that helped give me plenty of options."

Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange, described Becky's novel as "a fascinating insight into the acting world and a gripping story".

Someone Like You, published by Storm, is available on Amazon as a paperback, e-book and audiobook, ready by actor Josie Charles.