Dubbed 'Tutu Tim', a Harpenden vicar is set to take "a leap into ballet" to raise money for a homelessness charity.

Reverend Tim Vickers, of St John's Church, agreed to wear a Tutu if £500 is raised for Crisis at an event on Saturday, January 6.

The vicar has also agreed to "throw in a solo pirouette" if £1,000 is raised.

Organising her 'Sleek Ballet Bootcamp' event, Vivien Glass approached Rev Tim Vickers to hire the church's hall.

Herts Advertiser: Reverend Tim Vickers has agreed to wear a tutu and perform a solo pirouette if £1,000 is raised.Reverend Tim Vickers has agreed to wear a tutu and perform a solo pirouette if £1,000 is raised. (Image: Vivien Glass)

He said: “I did ballet until the age of 10 and it’s a great way to stay fit, so I laughed and said I might join in.

"Vivien joked and said how about if I can raise £500 you wear a tutu?"

The vicar agreed, later adding: "If Vivien raises £1,000, I will throw in a solo pirouette!"

So far, £890 has been raised for Crisis, meaning that the vicar's first promise will come to fruition.

Speaking of the charity itself, Rev Vickers continued: "We all know that at Christmas, Mary and Joseph famously didn’t have a place to stay and that Jesus was born in a stable.

Herts Advertiser: Vivien Glass has organised the 'Sleek Ballet Bootcamp' event.Vivien Glass has organised the 'Sleek Ballet Bootcamp' event. (Image: Vivien Glass)

"There are many problems with the world that might seem beyond reach but homelessness is one of those things we can do something about, and if it means doing ballet in a tutu then I'm more than willing to do my bit to help someone less fortunate than myself get the care and support they need."

Vivien Glass' event will be "a fun and effective workout" that is suited to all fitness levels. 

She spoke of her delight at the donations that the event has received, and the effect that they will have on the charity.


Vivien added: “It’s great to see people donating ahead of the event, because the money goes straight to Crisis without delay.

"That can be used immediately to great effect, changing the lives homeless people through the support that Crisis offers.

"International Dance Supplies kindly donated a real showstopper. It's something very special and not to be missed."