Marlborough House, an office block in St Albans, could be demolished for five-storey residential buildings if plans go ahead.

An application, submitted to St Albans City & District Council's planning committee, would see the 1960s block at 18 Upper Marlborough Road make way for two new buildings, containing 76 flats in total.

The plans follow the withdrawal of a previous planning application for 88 flats, by the same development company earlier this year.

Herts Advertiser: An artist's impression of the proposed development.An artist's impression of the proposed development. (Image: ColladoCollins Architects)

Car parking, landscaping and "other associated works" are included within the application.

Two comments have been made to the application, with one stating: "While I welcome the development in principle - housing is a suitable use for this unoccupied building, and we need more housing in the country and this city - I have some issues with the specifics of this proposal.

Herts Advertiser: The proposed height of the development.The proposed height of the development. (Image: ColladoCollins Architects / St Albans City & District Council)

"Any balcony on the East elevation will look directly into my garden, I do not think that any balcony is acceptable here.

"I am concerned about the overall height being overbearing for the neighbouring properties, and suggest that no increase in height should be allowed.


"The current building is desperately ugly.

"I would suggest that since conversion to residential property will be highly profitable, perhaps some rendering, cladding or similar could be added to make it more attractive overall?"

A statement of community involvement in the project reads: "The applicant sought to engage widely and has offered opportunities to residents and stakeholders to give feedback on the development.

"As a result of (community engagement) meetings, significant effort has been made to amend the proposals, as much as feasible, in line with all the feedback received.

"The applicant has received feedback and then striven to make design amendments to the proposals and engage with the community throughout the process.

"The applicant will continue to engage with stakeholders and the public to inform them about the progress of the development."

The application can be viewed by using reference 5/2023/2398 on the St Albans City & District Council planning portal.