Farr Brew has launched a crowdfunding page to raise money, after the brewery was forced to move location.

The Wheathampstead-based brewery's tenancy at Unit 7, The Courtyard, Samuels Farm, was not renewed as the owners wish to convert the barn into an office space.

Farr Brew are now in the process of agreeing a move to a "vastly superior" location, within a 15 minute drive of its former site.


Nick Farr - the company's owner - told The Herts Advertiser: "We are disappointed to be leaving this beautiful location, but we look onwards and upwards.

"We are close to agreeing terms on a vastly superior location within 15 minutes drive.

Herts Advertiser: A £50,000 goal has been set.A £50,000 goal has been set. (Image: Nick Farr / Farr Brew)

"To assist us with our goals, we have launched a crowdfunder.

"We employ over 110 people and hope that people can really back this local business."

The brewery's IndieGoGo site adds: "Farr Brew is a lot more than just a brewery.

"We employ 110 people, they are all relying on this campaign to work.

"We love every one of them.

"It is our duty to ensure the future of our lovely staff.

"Hopefully you've been to one of our pubs and have seen how much our wonderful people care about your experience."

Herts Advertiser: The Farr Brew taproom in Wheathampstead.The Farr Brew taproom in Wheathampstead. (Image: Roger Protz)