One of St Albans' historic churches is currently closed to allow major refurbishment works to take place.

St Peter's Church, in St Peter's Street, is investing in "the future use of the space for generations to come".

The building's Victorian concrete floor has been crumbling and moisture is being forced into the main pillars of the church and "destroying them".

York stone featuring underfloor heating will replace the flooring, while Victorian pews will be removed.


According to the church, this will create "one of the biggest community spaces in St Albans".

While work is being completed St Peter's is sharing services with Marlborough Road Methodist Church.

The building's hall and office will remain open throughout the works.

Herts Advertiser: The building's Victorian flooring will be replaced.The building's Victorian flooring will be replaced. (Image: Carolyn Alexander / St Peter's Church)

The church itself is due to reopen in time for Easter services in 2024.

A spokesperson for the church said: "The beautiful, flexible space will benefit the whole city.

"St Peter’s church in St Albans has occupied its prominent location at the highest point of the city at the top of St Peter’s Street, overlooking the historic marketplace, for over a thousand years.

"It has been the gateway to the city and has played a role in the history of the town from its Saxon origins, its growth as a Norman church and its role in the medieval battles of the wars of the roses.

"The church fell into disrepair during the latter part of the 19th century. It was then that Lord Grimthorpe, who restored parts of St Albans Abbey, decided to also restore St Peter’s church at his own expense.


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"The church is currently closed for work to be completed to replace the ugly and destructive concrete floor with beautiful York Stone, which will not only look much better but importantly will house modern, energy efficient underfloor heating and allow the floor to breath and protect the integrity of the pillars."

Herts Advertiser: Underfloor heating will be added to the location.Underfloor heating will be added to the location. (Image: Google Maps)

St Peter's Church is currently fundraising to cover the costs of preserving the historic site.

New oak chairs can be sponsored, with plaques added to commemorate loved ones.

For more information, email