A number of changes have been made to a pedestrianisation trial in St Albans city centre.

St Albans High Street will reopen to traffic, having been closed on Saturdays and Sundays since November last year.

George Street will remain closed to traffic on Saturdays and Sundays.

Motor vehicles will be permanently prohibited in Market Place, Spencer Street and Upper Dagnall Street.


Restricted parking will also remain in place in those areas.

These changes will be made after legal steps have been carried out, and are planned to come into force in the week commencing November 6, after the city's firework celebrations.

These changes have been met with mixed reviews from St Albans residents, with some welcoming easier driving routes through the city centre and others believing that walking and cycling should be encouraged.

We asked for our readers' views on the subject, and here's what you came back with.

John Bushell said: "The weekend pedestrianisation of the High Street should be maintained.

"Traffic-dominated streets do not create the best context for people, and the current weekend atmosphere and free flow of people is a huge improvement.

"Reopening to traffic all week is a great shame and much to the detriment of central St Albans.

"The council should be encouraging walking and cycling, its not a huge extended city.

"It is a backward step and compares very badly to best practice looking to the future in other places with a beautiful historic centre."

Ron Davis simply added "about time", whilst Marc L commented: "The road closures have caused havoc in the surrounding access roads to St Albans.


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"Rather than banning cars or restricting flow, the council should concentrate on getting traffic through as quickly as possible.

"Secondly they should fix the dreadful roads in the county."

Meanwhile, Derek Dorman argued that reopening the High Street will help to promote St Albans as a destination.

He stated: "Pedestrianisation is the death knell for most streets and town centres.

"If people can't see it passing by, they pass it by."

Nicholas Verlaine disagreed with this point, affirming: "Seems a bit short sighted.

"St Albans is a historic town, it shouldn't be full of cars."

Kate Axel believes that the UK can learn from other nations, when it comes to pedestrianisation.

She added: "We need to keep these limited traffic areas and increase walking and cycling-only areas.

"It is the healthy option for us all."

Lastly, Robert Ringrose raised the issue of disability access to the city centre.

Mr Ringrose commented: "Customers disabled like myself find it very difficult to walk to Market Place, so I cannot get there as we cannot park close enough."

Hertfordshire County Council's public engagement survey will remain open until Sunday (September 10).