Aylett Nurseries has spent a £180,000 loan on solar panels to improve the centre's sustainability.

The garden centre - based on the A414 North Orbital Road - used the Lloyds Bank loan to invest in 455 new solar panels.

The installation will now cover 30 per cent of the centre's annual electricity consumption.

Aylett Nurseries has previously invested in electric vehicle chargers for customers and LED lighting throughout the site.


An advice centre also educates visitors on how their gardens can have a positive impact on nature.

Overall, Aylett Nurseries - which was founded in 1955 - aims to "set an example for protecting the environment".

The site has previously introduced computer-controlled greenhouse systems, which ensure that heat and energy is used in the most efficient way.

Adam Wigglesworth, the garden centre's director, said: "Forward-thinking is at the heart of how our business operates, and the investment in the new solar panels is a prime example of that.


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"We know our customers are hugely engaged with the environment, given they’re keen gardeners, and we want to do all we can to make a difference.

“Becoming more sustainable is crucial to our growth, as well as being the right thing to do.

"In time, we’ll save money on our energy bills which we can re-invest elsewhere in the centre, helping to improve the customer experience and the range of what we can offer.

"The future looks bright and the support from Lloyds Bank is putting us in a position to flourish.”

Lloyds Bank's relationship director, Aaron Rodway, added: "Investing in sustainability is increasingly becoming a top priority for businesses across Hertfordshire and beyond.

"Adam and the team at Aylett are setting an example of how to invest responsibly and make the changes that matter to their customers.

“The business doesn’t rest on its laurels, and it has a track record of investing in new tech.

"That’s helped to keep Aylett moving forward and make itself a modern business in a modern world.

"We’ll remain by the business’ side as it continues to invest and evolve.”