Mouse, the singing dog from St Albans, is set to have a second crack at ITV's hit competition show Britain's Got Talent.

The cocker spaniel has recently been nominated for Pet Performer of the Year - in Petplan’s 2023 Pet Awards - by his owner Michelle.

Mouse received four yeses from the Britain's Got Talent judges, for his performance in the audition stage.

He will now return to the show for a second go at the title.


The Herts Advertiser caught up with Michelle on Mouse's birthday yesterday (July 12).

Speaking of her relationship with Mouse, Michelle said "Mouse was born the day after my previous dog Mickey died - hence his name.

"I wasn't actually looking to get another dog straight away.


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"I went over to see him at 11 days old, he was bred in Lincolnshire. I just fell in love with his mum, and that's what made me see him.

"I didn't actually see him again until I picked him up, after he had all of his jabs.

"So, I didn't get to see any of his character or anything. I nearly didn't actually end up having him, because his breeders fell in love with him so much!

"When I started going to work, the next door neighbours rang and said 'I've gone and picked Mouse up because he's howling'!

Herts Advertiser: Mouse will choose which songs that he wants to sing to.Mouse will choose which songs that he wants to sing to. (Image: Mischief PR)

"We were like 'Oh, that's not like him'. Then he did it again, and she text me 'he's howling again, are you in?'.

"I said 'Yeah, he's singing!' He was singing to the radio, he was singing to Rockabye.

"He was only a puppy still, but that's how it all started and now he's had two or three albums."

According to Michelle, Mouse chooses the songs that he wants to sing to, and will lean his head towards the speakers during a song that he likes.

Mouse will also only sing along with lyrics, and does not sing to tracks with no words.

Michelle continued: "When we go out, we always leave him with Classic FM, because we know he won't sing to that!"

Mouse has recently suffered injuries, with one being sustained as a result of jumping out of a bath.

He has recently had a double hip replacement, and an emergency castration as a result of an enlarged prostate.

However, Mouse has now returned to health, and will be taking on Britain's Got Talent for a second time.

Michelle added: "I can't wait to go back to BGT next year! We've got something even bigger up our sleeve.

"It's a secret as to what I'm doing, because I'm hoping that he's going to get some more airtime again...

"... Britain's Got Talent actually follow him now as an act on his Instagram, which is a bit bizarre!

"When I got a follow from them, I was like 'oh my God!'

"He was also on Ant & Dec's Instagram, which was just a bit mental!

"You've got so many stages before you even get on stage at the London Paladium, but they are so good with the animals! 

"I felt like a VIP all day."

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