The planned installation of a 5G telecommunications mast, near a Holocaust memorial in Radlett, "should be moved" according to a local parish council.

The proposed 5G mast would be located at Salters Field - part Of King George V Fields - in Watling Street.

The mast would be 25 metres tall, supporting six antennas and two dishes.

Two cabinets, located within a fenced compound, and "associated ancillary development" would also be included.


A comment from Aldenham Parish Council, suggests that the structure is moved "a reasonable distance" away from the Holocaust memorial and is painted green up to at least tree height.

Herts Advertiser: The site of the proposed 5G mast.The site of the proposed 5G mast. (Image: INS / Vodafone / Hertsmere Borough Council)

The comment states: "The structure should be moved a reasonable distance away from a holocaust memorial site and it will have less impact on the memorial tree which was planted.


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"If the council is mindful to grant permission, we would ask that the structure be painted green to at least tree height."

A joint statement from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government explained the reasons for the mast's proposed construction.

Herts Advertiser: The proposed 5G mast near Watling Street.The proposed 5G mast near Watling Street. (Image: INS / Vodafone / Hertsmere Borough Council)

It reads: "(The UK) Government is committed to supporting investment in high-quality, reliable digital connectivity so that communities can benefit from faster economic growth and greater social inclusion.

"It is essential to keep pace with growing demand for internet bandwidth and mobile data from local businesses, residents and those who visit our communities...

"...I hope you agree that we should work hand in hand to support the significant new investment in digital infrastructure that can benefit our communities."

Herts Advertiser: The proposed site plan.The proposed site plan. (Image: INS / Vodafone / Hertsmere Borough Council)

A public benefit brochure also outlined the positives of the planned development.

The brochure adds: "The demand for faster and improved mobile connectivity continues to grow. Most of us rely on having mobile phones and devices 24/7, which provides us with many benefits...

"...Now with 5G, we can expect to experience an even more extensive range of telecommunication services."

Three objections have been made to the planning application, which can be viewed online by searching for 23/0840/PD56O on the Hertsmere Borough Council website: