A host of new schools, country parks that are 'about 10 times the size of Verulamium Park' and around 15,000 new homes have all been included as 'major progress' is made on St Albans' Local Plan.

The plan, being drawn up by St Albans City & District Council, will identify land for future housing, commercial and infrastructure developments.

A public consultation on the plans is scheduled to begin this summer.


According to the local authority, the plan prioritises the climate emergency, social housing, jobs, schools, GP surgeries, public transport, cycle paths, play areas and access to nature.

The plan has also been designed to "grow the local economy and promote equality, inclusion and fairness".

Three to four new secondary schools have been included in the plan for St Albans District, along with eight to 10 new primary schools.

The Government has "demanded the Council identifies land for around 15,000 new homes over the next 17 years".

Land for 5,000 houses has already been identified.

A minimum of 25,000 new trees are included, along with country parks equalling a total area that is around 10 times the size of Verulamium Park.

Up to 20,000 "high-quality" jobs would be created.

New or newly protected green space is incorporated, with 30 kilometres of new or enhanced cycle paths.

A solar energy plant, to the East of Hemel Hempstead, would also "produce clean energy on a large scale".

The leader of St Albans City & District Council, Cllr Chris White, said: "The production of a Local Plan is one of the most complex and challenging tasks that a District Council is required to undertake.

“It is essential that we complete this task.


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"Our community will want locally-elected councillors rather than central Government to draw up this blueprint for the district’s future growth as we are responsive to their needs and have a feel for our area.

“The consequence of us not producing a new Local Plan is that Whitehall might draw up one instead despite having little knowledge of local conditions.

"We will also be prey to opportunistic developers who will try to force through unsuitable schemes.

“I am pleased, therefore, that after a terrific amount of work by officers we are now very close to being able to hold the first public consultation of the draft Local Plan.

“This is a big moment as we want our residents, community groups, businesses and other organisations to provide feedback and help shape our final proposals.

"Engaging with the public is a central feature of the process.”

On Monday (June 26), an update on the Local Plan will be given to a meeting of St Albans City & District Council's Planning Policy and Climate Committee.

Following this, another meeting of the Planning Policy and Climate Committee will take place on Monday, July 10, when the content of a draft Local Plan will be finalised.