Earlier this week, Members of Parliament voted to approve a report into Boris Johnson's 'Partygate' conduct.

Taking place in the House of Commons on Monday (June 19), 354 MPs voted in support of the Privileges Committee's report, with seven against.

The report found that Boris Johnson deliberately misled MPs over lockdown parties at Downing Street.


Boris Johnson resigned prior to the vote, on June 9.

The Liberal Democrat St Albans MP, Daisy Cooper, voted in support of the report on Monday.

The Conservative Hitchin & Harpenden MP, Bim Afolami, also voted to support the Privileges Committee report.

Prior to the vote, Bim Afolami MP said: "Last year, when I resigned from my role as vice chair of the Conservative Party, I did so because integrity matters in politics - and it had become clear that Boris Johnson could not restore integrity to the office of Prime Minister.


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"Last week, the Privileges Committee published its report on Boris Johnson.

"Having studied it in detail - and read your (the public's) emails and messages in the days that followed - I have come to the conclusion that the report and its recommendations should be approved, to allow the restoration of integrity in our politics to continue.

"Therefore, should the report come to a vote on Monday (19th), I will be voting to approve it."

The Liberal Democrat candidate for the new boundary of Harpenden & Berkhamsted, Victoria Collins, said: "Yesterday’s vote to uphold the privilege committee’s report and recommendations by 354 MPs, including all of the Liberal Democrat MPs, is commendable.

"Mr Afolami’s support of the report is however too little, too late. 

"We must not forget that Mr Afolami voted in support of Mr Johnson as Prime Minister almost one year exactly, when we already knew about many of these lockdown parties.

"Mr Afolami has repeatedly supported Boris Johnson publically despite Mr Johnson’s lack of leadership and contempt for Parliament.

"This sudden change from Mr Afolami is not good enough."