A dyslexic man from Radlett has started his own fashion brand to raise awareness of the learning difficulty.

Jake Posner has launched 'No One True Anything', a range of sustainable and minimalistic streetwear items.

The clothes will come complete with words broken down into syllables and hyphenation, reflecting the way in which Jake's mind processes reading and writing.


However, the Radlett man claims that dyslexia is not all about words, stating: "Being dyslexic has allowed me to think uniquely.

"People look at dyslexia as only affecting reading and writing, but for me, dyslexia has allowed me to be skilled in other areas, such as design and storytelling.

“No One True Anything, to me, is so much more than high-end fashion. It is about creating a community where people want to belong, due to similarities and differences."


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Jake's first concept store has opened in Soho, London.

The Great Windmill Street shop will remain open until May 30.

Jake continued: "I’m excited to welcome everyone to the store and demonstrate creativity, individuality and self-expression.”

Further information about No One True Anything can be found on the fashion brand's website www.noonetrueanything.com