A 14-year-old boy has written a song about his dyslexia, which has since been backed by the British Dyslexia Association and The Brain Charity.

'500 Words' has been written and recorded by Joshua Thomas-Conn, who's father lives in Hemel Hempstead and mother lives in Watford.


With lyrics such as "500 words spinning around in my head" and "these words with 50 meanings that I can't understand", Joshua's song explains the feelings and thoughts of dyslexic young people attempting to navigate the educational system.

Joshua told The Herts Advertiser: "I have a very big passion for singing and songwriting, and I was thinking about what I can do to get the message out there about dyslexia.

"I didn't think that it was talked about enough and publicised, just what goes on in the mind of a dyslexic person.

"A lot of people have said that they can really connect to it, and they just find that it's really nice to have a song out there that they can connect to."

Herts Advertiser: Joshua's song has been praised for how accurately it describes the thought process of the dyslexic mind.Joshua's song has been praised for how accurately it describes the thought process of the dyslexic mind. (Image: Adam Conn)

Speaking of his own dyslexia, Joshua continued: "I realised that I wasn't very academic.

"I had some struggles with spelling, and English-related stuff.

"I was more creative and more on the side of art, and singing, and all of that.

"I struggled a bit in primary school and then got diagnosed, and everything started to make sense.

"I got help now that I knew I was dyslexic, and I see it from a different point of view.

"There's different ways that I find of learning things, to other people."

Joshua's dad Adam Conn described himself as "super proud" of his son, and the song that he has written.

Herts Advertiser: Joshua's dad described himself as super proud.Joshua's dad described himself as super proud. (Image: Adam Conn)

Adam continued: "When he told me and his mum that he had written a song, we thought 'well, let's hear it'.

"Obviously, we're very fortunate that he can sing very well.

"So, he sung us a little intro of the song, and we got him straight into the recording studio!

"We think the song is amazing!

"I presented it to the British Dyslexia Association and The Brain Charity, and they said that the words depict the exact thought process of someone with dyslexia!

"He nailed it, he really did."

Joshua's song is available via all music platforms and his website  (www.joshuathomasconn.com).