A sinkhole that has appeared in St Albans could take up to two weeks to repair, according to Hertfordshire County Council.

The "unexplained void" first appeared yesterday (Wednesday, May 3) and caused Elm Drive to be closed, with officers from Hertfordshire police attending the scene.

Motorists were advised to avoid the area whilst an engineer assessed damage to the road.


Hertfordshire County Council now say that the sinkhole could take up to two weeks to be repaired, with a surface water drain having broken at the bottom of the hole.

A spokesperson for the local authority told The Herts Advertiser: "We haven’t been able to definitely establish what has caused the sinkhole in Elm Drive.


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"Thames Water have taken over the site and are repairing a broken surface water drain at the bottom of the hole.

"It could take up two weeks to complete the repairs.

"The road remains closed, but no residents have had to be evacuated."