A newly opened sinkhole has caused the closure of a road in St Albans.

Residents reported the hole appearing in the middle of Elm Road, near the Fleetville area of the city.

The road has since been closed, with motorists advised to avoid the area.


An engineer from Hertfordshire County Council is currently assessing the damage that the "unexpected void" has caused to the road.

According to the local authority, the hole itself is approximately one metre square.

A video appears to show the road closed, with metal gates at either end.


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A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: "As soon as we were made aware of the damage to the road surface, an engineer was immediately sent to the area.”

“We are working with partners from St Albans District Council and Hertfordshire Constabulary to keep the public safe while works can be assessed and undertaken.

"Elm Drive remains closed to traffic and we would ask the public and drivers to avoid the area where possible.”