The World's fastest man has visited the European headquarters of Epson in Hemel Hempstead.

Usain Bolt visited the London Road location yesterday (Tuesday, May 2) in order to capture content for the company's latest marketing campaign.

Mr Bolt fist-bumped robots, taught a lesson using interactive projectors, printed his own shirt and wallpaper and made "a huge pile of office admin" disappear with scanners.


A video taken at the location shows Usain Bolt posing for photos with Epson employees.

Usain Bolt said: "I usually only get to film in studios so it’s nice to be able to meet more of the Epson team and visit the offices.

Herts Advertiser: Usain Bolt fist-bumped robots during the visit.Usain Bolt fist-bumped robots during the visit. (Image: Epson European)

"I feel like I know the company and its products really well but it’s been great meeting the people behind the products.


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"They all made me feel so welcome.”

Emma Maggott, the company's senior HR advisor, commented: “What a great start to the week!

"It’s not every day you get to meet an eight-time Olympic gold medallist, and one of my heroes in real life! And certainly not in Hemel work!

"I’m a runner myself so this is a day I will remember forever.

"What a lovely man! And so tall too!”

Herts Advertiser: Mr Bolt was described as a lovely man! And so tall too!”Mr Bolt was described as a lovely man! And so tall too!” (Image: Epson European)

Elke Fabian, Epson's European events manager, added: “I couldn’t believe it when Usain walked into the building this morning!

"I knew something was going on as there was a film crew here and lots of cameras, but I never expected to see Usain!

"He was so friendly and was happy to take some selfies with me!”