Keanu Reeves has shed light on why he visited a pub in Hertfordshire.

The John Wick star delighted staff and fans when he spontaneously turned up at The Robin Hood in Tring in February before posing for pictures.

Speaking to NME about the pub lunch, Reeves said: “I was outside London doing a documentary, and it was just shepherd’s pie weather.

“It’s kinda cool, not rainy but a little misty drizzly something. And I was like, ‘let’s get a shepherd’s pie and a pint’,”

@nme When he’s not playing the ass-kicking lead in #johnwick4 #keanuereeves is partial to a shepherd’s pie and a pint in a pub in……tring #johnwick #keanu #keanureevesedit #tring #foryou #foryoupage #keanureevesofficial ♬ original sound - NME

He revealed he also chose a local lager to drink.

Following the visit, chef Scott Valentine, 18, told the BBC:

“It was a bit worrying because I had to cook for him but we took it out to him and he said thank you and was really nice.”

He added that at first he thought it looked like the famous actor but thought nothing of it, before a colleague confirmed it was him.

“Then we started freaking out a little bit,” he said.

Barmaid Laura Rolfe told the Metro Reeves was “lovely”, and that one of the cooks looked like he was going to pass out with excitement.

Fervent fans flooded social media after the pictures went viral – with one calling him “the personification of humility” and “humble to the core”.