Around 50 people have entered the garden of a St Albans café after closing time, moved furniture and left litter in their place.

The incident took place yesterday (Tuesday, April 18), in the garden of Verulamium Park's 'Inn on the Park' café.

CCTV caught the large group of individuals sitting in the garden, while a camera appeared to be used to film the event. 


An eye-witness has since claimed to have seen a bus in the area at the time.

The cafe's co-owner Wendy told The Herts Advertiser that she does not believe that the incident is worth contacting the police about, but would like anyone with information to get in touch.

Herts Advertiser: An eye-witness claims to have seen a bus in the area.An eye-witness claims to have seen a bus in the area. (Image: Archant)

She said: "We could see on the cameras that 50-odd people, about 10 minutes after we closed the café, turned up and invaded our garden without prior authorisation.


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"They moved plantpots, umbrella stands and tables, left their rubbish and litter on the ground and didn't bother putting the tables back.

"It was obviously an organised event...

"You can see from the cameras, it's just like a stream of people.

"A bus-load of people streaming, coming up from the Splash Park, and into our garden.

"We're not sure who organised it, but we wouldn't have minded if they'd asked."

Wendy continued, speaking of how organised the group seemed to be: "They brought cameras, their own chairs, two speakers and they're filming it.

"There were sacks full of rubbish left at the end of the garden, litter at the top.

"They'd obviously cleared the patio - they couldn't move all the tables because some of them are anchored down - but they moved all the tables off the patio and onto the grass, which we then had to sort out in the morning and put plant pots back and all sorts of things!

"It's not really a police-worthy incident, because there was no damage, it's just a big organised group and we knew nothing about it.

"They just felt that they couldn't leave the garden as it was found."