Comedian Daniel O'Reilly - formerly known as 'Dapper Laughs' - is set to perform in St Albans.

The show will take place at the Alban Arena on Friday, February 2, 2024.

The comedian will tour ten years after his ITV 2 series was removed following a "controversial on-stage joke".

O'Reilly has since apologised, stating: "I was a right k***head back then.


"I can't change the things that I spoke about when I was younger.

"I was an immature lad and Dapper Laughs was a satire of lad culture, that image was taken too far and it could very much have influenced people in the wrong way.

"(I have) learnt a lot about sexual harassment, sexual violence and what women have to put up with.

"Having daughters has educated me on how dangerous some of my content could have been, if I could turn back in time, knowing what I learnt I would have done things differently. I didn't have children.


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"I didn't have a family and I didn't have two daughters.

"When I look back on it now I cringe at it, and it is embarrassing and I can see why people found it offensive.”

After being diagnosed with severe ADHD, Daniel O'Reilly set up a Facebook group named ‘Men And Their Emotions' (M.A.T.E).

Herts Advertiser: O'Reilly now describes his behaviour on ITV 2 as embarrassing.O'Reilly now describes his behaviour on ITV 2 as embarrassing. (Image: J V Publicity)

He describes this as "a secure digital place where all men can ask questions, whether it is anonymously or not, share opinions, and support each other".

He has also launched a podcast, 'Menace to Sobriety', in which guests can discuss mental health issues.

O'Reilly continued: "I’m on a mission to help men like myself to tackle the struggle of mind demons.

"I’ve been at rock bottom and haven’t been there for my wife and kids because of my addictions.

"I only understood I was addicted when I tried to stop and I couldn’t.

"I find that speaking openly about my demons helps me see clearly and do the right thing for myself and my family.

"I want to help other men out there to rebuild their lives after the devastating effects of their actions by showing them there is a way out from the vicious addiction circle, a way out of shame and a way to rehabilitate yourself."

Speaking of his new tour, Daniel O'Reilly said: "With ‘Out Of Character’ I bring the laughs as I look back on the mischief, the mistakes and the madness of my life and career so far."

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