The Manfreds - formerly known as Manfred Mann - have announced a show in St Albans, as part of a 60th anniversary tour.

The band will play at Civic Close's The Alban Arena on October 11.

Original frontmen Paul Jones and Mike D’Abo will take to stage, along with guitarist Tom McGuinness, drummer Rob Townsend, bassist Marcus Cliffe and Simon Currie on saxophone and flute.


The band's hits such as 'Pretty Flamingo', '5-4-3-2-1', and 'The One In The Middle' will be performed.

Tom McGuinness said: "It’s 60 years ago this December that I joined Manfred Mann, and 30 years and more since we got together for a one-off gig to celebrate my 50th birthday, with no idea that it would lead to a long-term reunion.

"How lucky I feel to be once again on stage making music with The Manfreds."


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Paul Jones added: "“What's this? Our Diamond Jubilee? Wow!

"People say to me 'I bet you never dreamed you'd still be doing this after all these years / decades'; but the truth is that I always believed I'd be out here doing what I do until - and well beyond - this age.

"The only thing I didn't know was that I'd still be a Manfred, and (as Mike d'Abo frequently points out) we've got Tom McGuinness to thank for that.

"This tour is indeed a celebration: of the longevity of a concept that came together over a long time - and mostly of its own accord.”

Tickets can be purchased via or The Alban Arena's website: