St Albans tomato farmer Fouad Badda is encouraging residents to 'buy British' amid shortages in supermarkets across the UK.

According to the British Tomato Growers’ Association, the shortages have been caused by poor weather in Europe and Africa.

This has, in turn, disrupted supplies to the UK.


Fouad, of Hatfield Road's Glinwell Nursery, believes that the start fo British tomato season could help to restock resident's kitchen cupboards.

He said: “We pride ourselves on growing tasty, fresh tomatoes and supplying the length and breadth of the country.


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"A lot of love goes into growing our toms and we’re committed to doing it in the most sustainable way.

“We’re all guilty of not truly knowing where our food comes from, as this becomes a greater priority for many, it’s not too late to start checking the label to make sure you’re buying British where possible.

“Buying British produce comes with a lot of benefits.

"Firstly, it’s more environmentally friendly, as carbon emissions are dramatically reduced in comparison to buying imported varieties.

"It also helps support local growers and the economy here in the UK.

“British toms are also more tasty as they’re kept on the vine longer.

"This means they develop as much flavour as possible and are fresher travelling less miles before reaching your plate."

The British Tomato Growers’ Association's technical executive officer, Dr Phil Morley, added: "We’re very happy that British toms are now back on supermarket shelves, and we can’t wait for people to enjoy them throughout the season.

“Our advice is not to store tomatoes in the fridge, cooling tomatoes seriously impairs there delicate flavour profiles and also has an overall detrimental effect on quality.

"Like any fruit, store in the fruit bowl, your tomatoes will last just as long and taste a whole lot better. Fridges do flavours no favours!

“Tomatoes are a versatile fruit and a perfect ingredient for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

"They’re packed with nutrition and can help boost your immunity and heart health.

“Our research with the University of Portsmouth last year revealed tomatoes are an all-round health superhero and include antioxidants and compounds like lycopene and beta-carotene which can protect you against some cancers and other serious diseases.

"The results also showed that tomatoes can improve your gut health and boost exercise recovery."