Over 1,000 children have signed up to attend a schools day at the Hertfordshire County Showground.

The showground - on Dunstable Road, near Redbourn - will be hosting a 'Hertfordshire Agricultural Society food and farming day' for Year 6 pupils.


The event will take place on Tuesday, July 4, and will see pupils given an insight into the origins of their food.

Last year, live animals including 'the marvellous dancing sheep' were present, along with agricultural machinery and tractor rides.

Herts Advertiser: A number of live animals were present at the show.A number of live animals were present at the show. (Image: Harris Digital)

Over 500 children attended last year's event, with that number having doubled already for 2023.

Chair of the Hertfordshire Agricultural Society, Richard Percy, said: “For schoolchildren, meeting real farmers and hearing them talk about what they do awakens an interest in farming, the countryside and the food they eat.

"If we can create an interest we can open the door to a discussion about lots of important subjects.

Herts Advertiser: The event gives children an insight into farming.The event gives children an insight into farming. (Image: Harris Digital)

“For the society, we want to connect farming in the county with the people who live here.

"Feeding people is what we farmers do and we want people to eat our locally produced and locally processed food and to eat well and healthily.

"Lessons learned early tend to stay learned so we are excited about what we can do with teachers and children on the important subject of food.”

Herts Advertiser: This year's Herts County Show will take place on May 27 to May 28.This year's Herts County Show will take place on May 27 to May 28. (Image: Harris Digital)

This year's Herts County Show, on May 27 and 28, will raise fund's for the organisation's 'educational objective'.

This objective includes organising events such as the school's day for children, and a range of other events for the local community and residents to attend.

Further information can be found on the Hertfordshire County Show website www.hertsshow.com.