A 12-year-old from St Albans has begun to use her art to raise money for a charity called Afghanaid.

Afghanaid is an organisation that supports the people of Afghanistan.


Nicole has been creating art and posting it to her Instagram account, art_for.charity, to raise awareness for her GoFundMe page.

She has already raised £165 of her £500 goal.

Herts Advertiser: Nicole has already raised £165 of her £500 goal.Nicole has already raised £165 of her £500 goal. (Image: Nicole Rees)

Nicole told The Herts Advertiser: "Whilst some run and others do bake sales, I have been making art and posting it on Instagram to raise awareness for my fundraiser.


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"Even though I have only just started in the past few days, I have already raised £165 for Afghanaid on my GoFundMe page.

"This is a really important cause, and Afghanaid are helping save those who are not as lucky as many of us are here.

"In 2021, the Taliban took over the country, and have been controlling it ever since, and as they are an awful, violent group of people, this means that the lives of the people there are not good, as well as the fact that women are not treated equally to men.

Herts Advertiser: Nicole's GoFundMe page is raising money for Afghanaid.Nicole's GoFundMe page is raising money for Afghanaid. (Image: Nicole Rees)

"Not only that, but they have experienced extreme weather conditions and natural disasters in the past few years.

"By raising this money for Afghanaid, this helps provide food and water, but also better living conditions."

Afghanaid is a British humanitarian organisation which has been providing support to deprived and excluded families in some of the poorest and most remote communities in Afghanistan for almost 40 years. 

Since the Taliban takeover, Afghanaid has provided more than 350,000 emergency food packages to those in need, as well as distributing heating, cooking and hygiene kits. 

To donate, visit Nicole's GoFundMe page at gofund.me/3eaa7078.

For  more on Afghanaid, go to afghanaid.org.uk.