A St Albans homelessness charity has benefited from a £500,000 donation of mattresses.

The donation was made as part of a partnership between mattress producer Emma Sleep and homelessness charity Emmaus.


The mattresses have been donated to 30 Emmaus stores accross the UK, including St Albans' Crosby Close and Hemel Hempstead's London Road stores.

Emmaus Hertfordshire's chief executive, Duncan Lewis, said: "Huge thanks to Emma Sleep UK who have generously donated a number of reconditioned mattresses to us, to stock in our shops.

“They're in brand new condition and on sale now in our Hill End and Boxmoor shops for a fraction of the retail price.

"Thank you, Emma.

"This donation will help us generate the income needed to provide a safe and stable home for those experiencing homelessness in Hertfordshire."

Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO and co-founder at Emma – The Sleep Company, added: "At Emma, we strongly believe that everyone deserves a great nights’ sleep, no matter the circumstance.

"With this partnership and donation, we really wanted to use the power of sleep to raise vital funds for Emmaus Hertfordshire.”