A new supermarket has opened at a busy Hertfordshire railway station.

Councillor Edgar Hill, Mayor of St Albans, cut a ribbon to mark the opening of a new Sainsbury's Local shop today (February 25).

The store, outside St Albans' City station, opened in a unit built as part of an upgrade to the Thameslink station in 2020.

Herts Advertiser: An upgrade to St Albans City station was completed in 2020An upgrade to St Albans City station was completed in 2020 (Image: Sainsbury's)

Samir Khan, store manager, said that he "can't wait" to welcome commuter crowds into his store.

Samir said: "I’m really proud of the fantastic colleagues that have come together to make up my new team.

"Many of us have lived in St Albans for years and we’re a diverse group that reflects the local community.

"We can’t wait to welcome customers to our exciting new store, providing the helpful and friendly service they expect from Sainsbury’s while they pick up their groceries."

Herts Advertiser: Inside the new Sainsbury's Local storeInside the new Sainsbury's Local store (Image: Sainsbury's)

There are 26 Sainsbury's staff in the new St Albans Station team.

Sainsbury's said that its new store features a selection of fresh food, fruit and veg, as well as newspapers and magazines for commuters.

There is also a Costa Coffee machine in store.

The shop will open seven days a week from 7am until 11pm.

Thameslink's new retail units were built as part of an upgrade which finished in 2020.

Sainsbury's announced that its would open a new Local store earlier this year.

Herts Advertiser: The new Sainsbury's Local store is inside St Albans City stationThe new Sainsbury's Local store is inside St Albans City station (Image: Sainsbury's)

Jenny Saunders, of Thameslink, said at the time: "Working closely with St Albans community, we finished upgrading St Albans City station in 2020.

"There’s a two-storey extension, massively improved facilities and space at Ridgmont Road for post-pandemic commuter crowds.

"Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 and the general slump in the market put the brakes on finding tenants for the new shop space but we’ve persevered and found a fantastic business to join us.

"I think it will make a real difference to passenger experience at the station."