Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in Hertfordshire are calling for new safety measures on a deadly stretch of road.

More than 1,000 individuals have signed a petition calling for a lower speed limit on the B651 Wheathampstead to Sandridge road.

The petition was set up after a fatal crash on Saturday, March 12.

Herts Advertiser: Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are calling for safety improvements to the Wheathampstead to Sandridge road (B651)Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are calling for safety improvements to the Wheathampstead to Sandridge road (B651) (Image: Google Earth)

A man died in the Nomansland area after his Volvo S60 collided with a tree at around 8.39pm.

The petition reads: "Make the Wheathampstead to Sandridge road safe.

"On the 12th March 2022 there was another accident on the Wheathampstead to Sandridge road.

"This time, tragically, it was a fatal one - not the first, and unless something is done, not the last."

The petition calls on Hertfordshire Highways to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph.

Signatories are calling for double white lines on areas of the road where visibility is low to prevent drivers from overtaking one another.

They would also like a speed camera at an "appropriate location".

The creator of the petition, Michael, added that a driver swerved into his wife's car on the road in 2018.

He said: "She considers herself very lucky to have escaped with a few cuts and bruises.

"The road was closed for five hours."

Michelle, a signatory from Wheathampstead, said: "The potholes on this road are horrendous causing cars to swerve onto the other side as well as speed!"

Mike, from St Albans, wrote: "This road is not safe at 60mph.

"It is too narrow, dangerous bends, poor visibility and a very vulnerable junction at Ferrers Lane."

The notorious route between St Albans, Sandridge and Wheathampstead has made headlines in local newspapers in the past.

In 2021, The Herts Advertiser backed residents' calls to lower the existing 40mph speed limit to 30mph on St Albans Road south of Sandridge.

Residents called for traffic calming measures on the route near Sandringham Crescent, and safe crossing points for pedestrians.

Hertfordshire County Council, which looks after the route, said that residents' suggestions will be considered if they garner enough support.

A HCC spokesperson said: "We welcome the views of our residents and petitions are one way that people can get in touch.

"If the petition receives enough signatures from people who live or work in Hertfordshire and fulfils the necessary policy criteria, it will be considered by the appropriate council panel."

The incident on Saturday, March 12 was a single-vehicle collision, Hertfordshire Constabulary officers said.

A police spokesperson said: "A driver, a man, sadly died at the scene.

“The road was closed until around 3.30am."

The petition is online: