Comment: Could it be that St Albans isn’t as posh as we think?

St Albans in "not posh" shock

St Albans in "not posh" shock - Credit: Archant

With a guide price of £4 million, this week’s property spotlight has a steep price tag even by St Albans standards.

In fact, Pook’s Hill on King Harry Lane is so expensive it’s rocketed straight onto the city’s high-end homes hotlist, sitting in second place behind 53 The Park.

Newly on the market, Pook’s Hill has a host of fabulous features, including an in-house golf simulator, a cinema and a gym. It’s one of a kind, as one would expect of the second most expensive property in the famously not-cheap city of St Albans.

Interestingly, the rest of St Albans’ 10 most expensive homes range in price from £3 million (for a seven-bed Edwardian mansion with indoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi on Cunningham Hill Road) to £1.9 million (for a relatively modest five-bed pad on Churchill Road).

While it may seem that we’re surrounded by multi-million pound mansions, very few of them are currently for sale.

This poses two questions: what are the mega-rich to do? And, maybe St Albans isn’t that posh after all?

To offer some perspective, TMZ – the source of all news – reports that David and Victoria Beckham have just sold their Beverly Hills home for a whopping $33.1 million (£25,338,000).

Sounds a bit steep, doesn’t it? Especially when you note that the couple are believed to have paid ‘just’ $22 million (£16,841,000) for it 11 years ago.

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As well as six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and set of sturdy, pap-proof gates, the 13,000 square foot home also has a pool, a library and a media and music room. Makes your average hydraulic car lift (53 The Park) or basement golf simulator (Pook’s Hill) seem somewhat underwhelming by comparison.

St Albans is most definitely not LA, however, and one thing the city definitely doesn’t need (apart from, apparently, more coffee shops) is a massive A-list compound.

We like to keep it real here in Herts, and right now £4 million sounds very reasonable for the second most expensive house in town.