Meraki Festival 2018: What should you know as a first-time camper?

The Meraki Festival. Picture: Danny Loo

The Meraki Festival. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

This year’s Meraki Festival takes place from August 10-12, and as expected plenty of people will be spending the weekend under canvas.

Festival goers at the Meraki Festival. Picture: Danny Loo

Festival goers at the Meraki Festival. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

Here are some of our top tips on how to be a happy camper on the Herts Showground.

Be prepared for any eventuality. It would be great for the festival to take place over a lovely hot weekend, but knowing the way English weather works, that’s never a guarantee. Take raincoats and jumpers, just in case.

Bring everything you need. This means stuff like plastic bags, portable phone chargers, wet wipes – anything you think you’ll need for a successful camping excursion. Don’t make the mistake of skimping on the plastic bags – they’re the camper’s ultimate everyday tool.

But don’t take too much! Do you really need all of those camp chairs, the portable stove, the extensive set of cooking utensils, the wireless radio? Most of your time should be spent enjoying the festival, and it’s easier to spend a couple of quid on a coffee and bacon sandwich rather than bring everything you need to make them!

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Keep clean (or try to, anyway). Nobody likes a sweaty camper – especially one that hasn’t had a shower for a whole weekend. This is where the wet wipes come in handy – they’re easier than trying to have a shower with a water bottle, but still expect to get somewhat smelly. Showers are available on site if you can’t bear being dirty for the duration.

Don’t mess with the wildlife. Pigeons are always appreciative of being fed – however, their friends are, too. Feeding pigeons isn’t a good idea if you want to keep the food you’ve brought with you – and the same goes for any other wildlife around.

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Don’t litter. Littering ruins everyone’s fun, especially the people who’ll have to pick it all up. This is the main use for the plastic bags – put your rubbish in there and then throw it out when you get home.

Make sure you choose the right tent. Don’t go for the super-cheap tent that’s inevitably missing half its parts and is about three sizes too small. Make sure that your tent can fit the number of people it claims it can – a three-man tent, most of the time, can barely squeeze in two.

Make sure you check your tent before you go. One idea is to pitch up in your back garden, to ensure you’re ready for a weekend of camping and it isn’t full of holes or last year’s underwear.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great time at the festival – whether or not the weather’s good.

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