Will Butterworth and Dylan Howe at Herts Jazz Club

WILL Butterworth and Dylan Howe will be performing their adaptations of Stravinsky when they appear at Herts Jazz Club on Sunday.

The duo will be giving a jazz slant to Rite of Spring and Firebird Suite for piano and drums at the club which opens up a 7.45pm at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City.

London-based drummer and bandleader Dylan Howe follows on from his hard bop quintet and his Bowie Berlin Trilogy by displaying his skills in new adaptations of classic works.

He grew up listening to Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and the inspiration for the concept seemed very natural to him.

When he met Will Butterworth, whose debut album was classically influenced piano improvisations and arrangements of jazz standards, they wanted a new platform for their emerging piano/drum sound and began the process of learning and rearranging two of the most influential pieces of music of the last century.

Using Leonard Bernstein’s 1958 version as the template, they took each section and began opening it up for jazz improvisation, distorting and subverting some parts and staying true to the score in others.

Tickets for the evening are �11 online at www.welhat.gov.uk/cw, �13 on the door and �5 for students and under 21s.