Watercolour demonstration at St Albans Town Hall

Fiona Pruden

Fiona Pruden - Credit: Archant

A LIVE demonstration of watercolour painting is being given by artist Fiona Pruden in St Albans Town Hall next Wednesday, July 24.

Fiona is a watercolour specialist and member of St Albans Art Society who believes that the medium is not as difficult to work with as many believe.

She said: “Many people think that painting with watercolours is the hardest medium to use and I hear all the time that it is the most ‘unforgiving’. My feeling – based on years of teaching – is that if you learn the basics well, understand the principles properly and work at it a bit with decent materials then there need be nothing hard about it.”

Fiona went on: “There’s a hard way of painting with watercolours and there’s an easy way. After all these years I think I know all the shortcuts and easy ways. I absolutely love helping students learn them too. It’s so rewarding seeing people who have been struggling with watercolours suddenly starting to ‘see the light’.”

Her demonstration is being given alongside the St Albans Art Society annual exhibition which runs from 10am to 6pm daily from tomorrow (Friday) until next Saturday, July 27.

For further details about Fiona’s demonstration call 07956 537140 or email fiona.pruden@btopenworld.com