The highs and lows of reunion at Abbey Theatre, St Albans

A REUNION is not always a cause for joy as the next production by the Company of Ten explores in the Abbey Theatre Studio.

Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard opens tomorrow (Friday) and runs until next Saturday, January 29.

It tackles the story of the bittersweet reunion between Hester, played by Tina Swain, and her younger brother Johnnie, Ian Jordan, after a 15-year absence with no contact between the two.

But while there is lots of catching up, some memories are best left to lie particularly as it was a poor and unhappy home. And when Johnnie starts to wonder why Hester has returned, everything unravels.

The play is rooted in poor white South African society in the 1960s and is an intimate portrayal of a familiar human predicament. Tickets are available from the box office on 01727 857861 or online

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