The Corinthia London review: an ideal city escape

The Corinthia London is steeped in history

The Corinthia London is steeped in history - Credit: Archant

The hustle and bustle of busy London make it hard to see it as a place of peace and tranquillity. But those seeking relaxation can find it nestled in Embankment, where a hotel perfectly captures the character of the city in its own bubble of tranquillity and calm.

Former Herts Ad reporter Monique Hall enjoying champagne at The Corinthia London

Former Herts Ad reporter Monique Hall enjoying champagne at The Corinthia London - Credit: Archant

The Corinthia London opened in 1885 as the Hotel Metropole, and has a rich 130-year history, including a stint as the Ministry of Defence offices in the 1930s.

The war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill later used their infamous ‘piano bar’ as a meeting place during the Second World War.

But aside from the decades of stories embedded in the Corinthia’s historic walls, the hotel has a wealth of other charms that secure it a top spot among London’s finest.

A taster trio of champagnes

A taster trio of champagnes - Credit: Archant

As we swooned into the building we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes; a feeling that remained throughout our one-night stay.

Upon being shown our ‘Executive’ room, we proceeded to dance around our gargantuan bathroom, equipped with a luxury tub and marble from floor to ceiling.

We then pulled open the curtains to reveal a view of the Thames and the London Eye.

Monique's starter of Roast Scallop Macaroon

Monique's starter of Roast Scallop Macaroon - Credit: Archant

It soon became clear that the room encapsulated all you would want from a getaway to the city; unparalleled comfort, luxury, and views of a top London landmark.

But it didn’t take much to tear us away from our beloved boudoir, as what awaited us was the three floor spa and a treatment.

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As we travelled up the floors, the alluring smell of ESPA essential oils gave us a tantalising taste of what was to come. Opting for a ‘de-stress and relax body and face treatment’, I was treated to a tailored massage, body exfoliation, scalp massage and facial by my friendly therapist.

After two hours I floated out of the treatment room on a cloud of calm to the award winning thermal pools and saunas.

The Bassoon Bar is famed for its amazing cocktails

The Bassoon Bar is famed for its amazing cocktails - Credit: Archant

A far cry from the ‘spas’ many hotels offer, the Corinthia’s was steeped in serenity with its own distinct character.

There was a different offering of peace and relaxation at every corner- the sleep pods being a personal favourite.

Firmly in our spa bubble, a dinner at one of the hotel’s two restaurants, Northall, was the only thing that could tear us away- and we were not disappointed.

Staff were attentive and had an impeccable knowledge of the menu and the extensive wine list.

Former Herts Ad reporter Monique Hall sampling one of the world famous cocktails in the Bassoon Bar

Former Herts Ad reporter Monique Hall sampling one of the world famous cocktails in the Bassoon Bar - Credit: Archant

A taster trio of hand picked Champagnes started off our meal, and set the bar high for the rest of the dinner, which then exceeded our every expectation.

Our starters, a Roast Scallop Macaroon and Pressed Middle White Pork with Sweet Pickled Vegetables, both sourced from top British suppliers, were equally delicious.

The allure of a premium steak tempted us for the main, and we opted for the fillet, with mushroom, blue cheese and Béarnaise sauces on the side (after our indecisive nature got the better of us).

Having sampled, dare I say, too much of the menu - we chose to have dessert at the bar, with of course, one (or two) of their infamous cocktails.

When the Hazelnut Sable Breton dessert arrived, our waistline watching woes were forgotten and we enjoyed every last bite.

An inevitable trip to the Bassoon bar followed. This popular haunt is famous for its piano bar and impressive drink selection and it’s where we spent the rest of our evening.

The following morning, we were up bright and early to work up an appetite in the spa before delving downstairs to breakfast.

The buffet offers a glorious global gathering of cuisines, from dim sum to Danish pastries; every breakfast need is catered for here.

Following our 24 hour trip it’s clear that the Corinthia has no need to rely on it’s historic roots to stand it apart from other London hotels.

Every aspect of their hospitality, from the food, to the spa, the room and the service, individually excel.

After a just single nights stay, we left the hotel feeling replenished and completely relaxed.

It’s odd to think that a half hour train journey had secured us the perfect weekend getaway we needed to recuperate- and in London!

Our visit banished the belief that the capital is for the busy city dwellers or tourists. My return is inevitable, and your stay should be too.