Street entertainment in St Albans

Street Theatre images

Street Theatre images - Credit: Archant

COVENT Garden comes to St Albans city centre this Sunday (11) as part of a programme to bring St Peter’s Street alive with street entertainment.

It is the first of an August series of Summer in the City street theatre events organised by St Albans district council and it runs from midday until 4.30pm.

Jugglers, dancers and an escape artist will provide the entertainment this Sunday and similar events will be held until the end of the month.

Daredevil stunts will be provided by escape artist and Guinness World Record holder, Rob Roy Collins. In the past he has escaped from chains, ropes and handcuffs and even a straitjacket while hanging upside down from a helicopter in flight.

In St Peter’s Street Rob will escape from handcuffs and twenty metres of steel chain on top of a 10ft ladder.

Britain’s Got Talent 2009 finalists Faces of Disco – hailed by Simon Cowell as a 5 billion trick pony – will also be performing their high-energy, unique comedy dance routines and all the way from Down Under, Mr Spin will be riding a zig-zag unicycle, juggling metal baseball bats and balancing a glass of water on his head.

Pandora Pink will be attempting a gravity-defying 12 cigar-box stack and balance with an Elvis Presley backing track and for those who like to look up to entertainers, Robot Rock features the lovable transformer Bumblebee.

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He stands 7ft tall on stilts but even taller at 10ft are Major Lookup and General Goodlength, the tallest soldiers in the world. Joining them are two bumbling ladybirds on a mission to rid the UK of its most destructive enemy to date, the aphid.

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