St Albans summer drama courses prove a success

ACTOR/robots, dragons and pirates as well as Roman and Greek Gods were just some of the characters dreamt up by children at summer drama courses.

The actors and robots appeared in Futurdrama, dragons and pirates in The Tempest and the Gods joined forces to help Zeusain find his Bolt in Olympic Flames at the courses held by Best Theatre Arts in St Albans.

Course leader Lisa Schulberg said: “We ask the kids what they want in the show on the first day and then its up to them to come up with a story. It’s inspiring to see what they can come up with and they never fail to put on a fantastic show at the end of each week. It’s been a wonderful summer – even the weather was OK.”

Among the 200 children taking part were five from Madrid for two weeks, two from Poland and two from New York.

Best also ran a workshop to try out its new course, Best School of Acting, for which there will be a four-week taster in September. Further details can be obtained by emailing or calling 01727 759634.