St Albans Gang Show is off to a roaring start

Juliette Rebold-Stead

Juliette Rebold-Stead - Credit: Archant

The 36th annual St Albans Scout and Guide runs until Saturday at the Alban Arena. The Herts Advertiser is running an exclusive blog from some of the 100 cast members during the production.

The opening night was truly amazing and beyond my expectations. As it’s my first year in the cast I wasn’t really sure what to expect and thought I would be really nervous as I waited for the curtain to go up at the Alban Arena for the first time.

But I was more excited than nervous. My mum, dad and brother were in the audience and it was great to show them what all the rehearsals had been about. The first number is loud, very dance-led and gets the show off to a roaring start. The audience seem to really enjoy it.

My favourite part of the show is when we do a number based on an inter-galactic theme. I get to be a star and wear a cool costume including stars on my hands!

I’ve been to see the show every year since 2011 and couldn’t wait to be in the show. I got a place on my second audition and I have really enjoyed being part of the gang.

Now I can’t wait for tonight’s performance. I’ll probably be a bit tired during the day, but the adrenalin will kick in as we get into our costumes for another show.