St Albans filmmaker looking for zombies

FILMMAKER Emily Attwood is appealing for support from the local community to help with the finishing touches on the third short movie in a series that she and two friends have made.

A graduate in film and TV production at the University of Herts, Emily, who lives in St Albans, has used her own money to shoot two of the shorts.

But she needs help with the finishing touches for the third short such as hiring props, transporting cast and crew and feeding everyone on set – which she estimates will be in the region of �400.

Emily and her boyfriend Tom Butler graduated from the same university course together and were searching for jobs in the industry but all they were able to find was unpaid freelance work. They realised the only way to move forward was to create their own company, RAAR! Films, and work for themselves.

They teamed up with Dare Emmanuel, who had auditioned for the lead in a film Emily made during her final year at university. Dare had written a feature script and had been trying to find a crew to work with on it for some time.

It is set near the end of a zombie apocalypse in London with the focus not on horror and the zombies but on characters, dark comedy and how people cope with extreme situations.

The short films RAAR! has made are a demonstration of their technical ability to investors and to flesh out the world they are creating by showing the zombie apocalypse during its beginnings.

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The third short is being filmed in St Albans on July 14 and as well as help from the community with funding, RAAR! needs potential zombies.

It will take place in a car park ravaged by the zombie apocalypse and people signing up to play the undead are promised food, drink and a fun afternoon/evening of filming.

Emily said that anyone willing to donate to the costs would receive some kind of recognition ranging from thanks in the credits to even becoming a producer of the film.

Each contributor will also be automatically submitted into a lottery to win a hand-drawn picture of themselves as a zombie by a local St Albans artist.

Emily is hoping to hear from prospective investors as soon as possible and RAAR’s donation page can be found at Further information is available at