St Albans band Wonderlust playing Isle of Wight festival

A BAND who formed just seven months ago have been booked to play the famous Isle of Wight (IOW) Festival.

St Albans-based four piece Wonderlust will be playing the Garden Stage at the music festival which takes place next weekend (June 12).

Their demo had passed hands as guitarist/vocalist Danny Winslow, from St Albans, has family on the island and the festival organisers asked them to play at the event after hearing their music, which is described as “Brit pop with a 60s mod influence and a bit of rock and roll”.

The band, who are regarded as one of the best up and coming acts in the city, formed after Danny and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Gardner started chatting at a Rifles gig in London after recognising each other from being out locally and they started writing songs and performing open mic nights a few times a week. Within the year, they had formed a band with friends bassist Tom Reynolds and drummer Neville Reyes.

Since launching, Wonderlust have attracted lots of interest within the industry and Danny said things have gone “mental” since being announced as an act at the IOW festival.

During their short time together as a band they have been busy gigging at venues in and around London, including The Horn in St Albans which was packed out at a recent show. They will be playing at the popular music pub again on Friday, June 3, when the venue holds a party to celebrate being shortlisted in NME’s search for the best small venue in the country.

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