St Albans’ Abbey Theatre turned red to show support for the arts

The Abbey Theatre in St Albans was lit up in red as part of the Light It In Red campaign. Picture: A

The Abbey Theatre in St Albans was lit up in red as part of the Light It In Red campaign. Picture: Abbey Theatre. - Credit: Abbey Theatre

A St Albans theatre was lit up in red as part of the Light It In Red campaign to support arts venues across the country.

The Abbey Theatre joined nearly 700 other venues across the country which illuminated their buildings in red on the evening of Monday, July 6.

The aim was to draw attention to the dramatic effect of lockdown on the arts and events industry.

The St Albans theatre’s technical executive and lighting designer, Paul Davidson, assisted by trustee Apryl Kelly, had a trial run on Saturday evening, lighting the building in blue to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

“Theatres are still not able to open their doors to the public and we have no idea when this will be allowed,” said Paul.

“But Company of Ten members are planning for the future.

“We wanted to show our support for those theatres which are in a less fortunate position than we are.”

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Red stage lights made an impact as they lit up the theatre’s façade and fly tower until 10pm.

“From the National Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall to local venues like ours, theatres, event companies and venues across the country have no income, and some may never reopen,” said theatre manager Tina Swain.

“The recent announcement of £1.57bn funding for the arts is very welcome, but theatres were among the first to close and will be among the last to reopen.”

The Company of Ten had to cancel all its productions and bookings from mid-March until the end of the season.

Trustees of the theatre at Westminster Lodge, Holywell Hill, are currently putting together a plan for the future, which will be ready to go as soon as venues are allowed to reopen to the public.

As soon as these plans are available, you will be able to find more news on the theatre’s website at

Find more information on the Light It In Red campaign on their website at

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