Singer-songwriter Tom Robinson is glad to be back on the road again

Tom Robinson will be returning to Harpenden while touring his new album

Tom Robinson will be returning to Harpenden while touring his new album - Credit: Archant

Tom Robinson, the British singer-songwriter famed for his songs Glad to be Gay and 2-4-6-8 Motorway, says he is excited to be returning to Harpenden next week as he tours his new album.

Only the Now, which was released last week to favourable reviews, is Tom’s first collection of new material for almost two decades, although some of the songs have been around for a long time.

Tom explained: “I was on the road for 30 years. It wasn’t any fun playing to 30 people every night and there wasn’t a lot of enjoyment.

“I am getting on a bit now and it was getting a bit depressing. But I didn’t stop writing songs. I had a quite a lot of songs on the back-burner.

“Meeting the producer was the thing that made it all possible. We hit it off really well.”

According to Tom, the producer, Gerry Diver, took the songs and added to them, turning Tom’s ideas into layered, multi-instrumental tracks.

Tom said: “The density of the production is what really sets it apart. He [Gerry] really does work intensely closely on every aspect of the song, but the songs still sound like themselves live.”

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Many of the songs on the album are politically charged – particularly The Mighty Sword of Justice, a thumping, anthemic attack on the changes to legal aid which features guests singer Billy Bragg and voice work from Oscar-winner Colin Firth.

Tom can be seen at 7.30pm next Friday, October 30, at the Public Halls and tickets can be obtained from the box office on 01582 767525 or visit