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St Albans Morris Men

St Albans Morris Men - Credit: Archant

St Albans Morris Needs You - if they aren’t to become extinct that is.

Recruitment difficulties mean that unless the club can attract new dancers, female and male, St Albans Morris will not be able to continue.

And that would spell the end of the side - the way morris clubs are known - which has been dancing around the city for the past 85 years.

In a bid to stave of its demise, the side is holding a taster evening from 8pm on Monday, November 9, at the Scout Hut in Riverside Road, its usual practice venue.

It is a chance for men and women who are interested to come along and try the dances. No experience is needed - just enthusiasm and two hankies.

St Albans Morris Men, as it was known when it was founded in the early 1930s, took part in largely one-off events in the early days but after the war, the side appeared on a BBC TV programme as well as becoming the first to organise a ‘ring meeting’ based on its home ground rather than members coming together in ‘neutral’ areas of interest.

The side has toured both Europe and on the West Coast of America and at its peak it had over 25 dancers.

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But it now needs new blood and is concerned that not only are people too shy to join in but are also less willing to join clubs of any sort.

For more details about the side and the recruitment evening, phone 01727 833028 or 01707 883476.